tattoo ticket (pls contact me first!)

tattoo ticket (pls contact me first!)


Payment Methods

Visa Mastercard Amex Discover Jcb Diners


the perfect way to support my work & get permission to get one of my illustrations tattooed!

please email me or DM me on Instagram before buying so I can make sure the piece you want tattooed is okay to use.


✷ allows you to choose 1x of my illustrations (if you want 2x designs, then you need to buy x2 tickets, etc)

✷ the design can be tattooed whenever, by whoever you want

✷ this is not a commission, just for preexisting designs

✷ your artist must give me credit if they post it online

✷ I will email you a high-quality file to send to your artist

✷ you aren't required to show me, but I'd love to see the final tattoo!

the tattoo in the image is my two-headed calf design, done by Franki Crosby (@strange_vessel) at Daydream Tattoo in Portland, OR